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Job (1) Spotted Turtle Conservation Genetics & Expanded Conservation Planning will expand and capitalize upon a recently funded Competitive State Wildlife Grant (CSWG) to develop a Conservation Plan for the Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata). Multiple state partners from across the range of this species will be conducting standardized population assessments from 2018 to 2020 as part of the 2017 CSWG award.  RCN funding will be used to 1) expand the network of state partners and 2) undertake a genetics assessment which otherwise would have been cost-prohibitive because of the difficulty of collecting samples from such a large area. The region-wide genetics study will use microsatellite or comparable techniques to characterize the genetic structure, diversity, and relatedness of spotted turtle populations, and will inform the delineation of conservation management units. This will facilitate enforcement actions and guide assessments of priority populations. Specifically, RCN funds under this initiative will support (A) a one-year genetics postdoctoral study, with associated laboratory time and equipment; (B) supplies, equipment, and trainings for partners to collect blood samples during standardized sampling; (C) expanded participation in CSWG actions for additional states (NJ, MD, DE, WV, VT, and/or NY).  Deliverables will include an expanded Conservation Plan (jointly funded with CSWG funds) and comprehensive genetics report and management plan.

Non-federal match totaling at least 35% of the total project budget will be provided by state and partners contracting with WMI, and may include volunteer population assessments and tissue collection, reduced rates on contractual services, and technical assistance to key landowners and agencies (including NRCS).

This page describes the GSAs that have been developed under Project 1 Job 1.  The progress reports and final reports for each GSA under Job 1 will be posted on this page.

GSA Information

GSA Number: GSA 00040

GSA Title: Genetic Connectivity of Spotted Turtle

GSA Contractor: Virginia Commonwealth University

GSA Number: GSA 00041

GSA Title: Spotted Turtle Assessment in MD/DE

GSA Contractor: Salisbury University

GSA Number: GSA 00042

GSA Title: Spotted Turtle Assessment in NJ

GSA Contractor: Tesauro Consulting

GSA Number: GSA 00043

GSA Title: Spotted Turtle Assessment in WV

GSA Contractor: West Virginia Research Corporation

GSA Number: GSA 00045

GSA Title: Spotted Turtle Assessment in NY

GSA Contractor: SUNY

GSA Number: GSA 00046 Amend #1

GSA Title: Spotted Turtle Assessment in DE

GSA Contractor: Mid Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation