Design and Implement Conservation Strategies for NE Species of Greatest Conservation Need

Conservation and Management of Rare Wetland Butterflies: Strategies for Monitoring, Wetland Enhancement, and Captive Rearing in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The status and distribution of many wetland butterfly species is uncertain in several Mid-Atlantic States.  Many of these species are considered species of Greatest Conservation Need (GCN) in many or all of the states in which they occur.  For some species declines are well documented and may span a decade or more, while others are of concern based on low encounter rates and negative data during recent survey efforts.

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Wildlife Diversity Conservation Coordination in the Northeast: Using SWAP Revisions to Inform Regional Conservation

To accomplish the project objective of collaboratively developing clear conservation goals and strategies for action in the northeast region this proposal outlines three major components:

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Design and implementation for sustaining wildlife populations in NE forests

Northeastern forests provide essential habitat for a large suite of birds and mammals that occur in no other setting. This group includes several habitat specialists listed as species of greatest conservation need (SGCN) in multiple states. Their vulnerability to various stressors has prompted the formation of several species-­‐level conservation and research initiatives. We propose to work with these focused partnerships and with key forest stewards to integrate current ecological and biogeographic information into on-­‐ the-­‐ground habitat enhancement.

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The Northern Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin terrapin) in the NE United States: A regional conservation strategy

We propose the development of a regional, landscape level, multi-partner conservation strategy/plan that focuses on the conservation, management, and protection of the northern diamondback terrapin and its habitat in eight states of the Northeast/mid-Atlantic regions (Massachusetts to Virginia). The overarching goal of this proposal is a conservation strategy/plan that will help achieve long-term sustainability of the northern diamondback terrapin population in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

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