Facilitate State SWAP Data Delivery and Population of RCN Regional Database

The goal of this project is to facilitate and support regional collaboration on shared priorities identified in state wildlife action plans by compiling key information from the remaining NEAFWA Wildlife Action Plans in a database with simple query and report functions. This effort will allow identification of regional patterns and priorities of species of greatest conservation need, habitats, threats and conservation actions.

​The purpose of the database tool is to capture, organize, analyze, and report on key elements of State Wildlife Action Plans in the Northeast Region. Gathered from the fourteen Northeast Region Wildlife Action Plans, the data include: Species, Habitats, Threats, and Actions and the relationships among these elements. (Note: Data from the New Jersey SWAP data will be added when available, as will other state updates.)

Due to the different approaches and data structures of SWAPs, information provided by each state varies. The data provided by states were standardized to fit within the regional database structure. To access detailed information about each state, and to clarify any questions you may have, it is strongly recommended that you refer to a state’s current Wildlife Action Plan.

The database can be found on the NEAFWA website.

Project Leader

Name: Karen Terwilliger

Title: President

Organization: Terwilliger Consulting, Inc.

Other Principal Investigators

Name: Elizabeth Crisfield

Organization: The Strategic Stewardship Initiative