Eastern Box Turtle Conservation

Eastern Box Turtle
Eastern Box Turtle


This job will develop a Status Assessment and Conservation Plan for Northeastern populations of the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina), an at-risk species that has declined across much of its range from New England to Virginia. At this time, there is no formal, inter-state coordination for Eastern Box Turtles in the Northeastern USA.  Notably, there are many citizen science efforts in place for this species, so there is ample opportunity to leverage RCN funds for population assessment and conservation implementation. Funding through RCN would allow the development of standardized monitoring and population assessment protocols, coordinated data analysis, targeted study to inform management, an occurrence-based Status Assessment, spatially explicit Conservation Area Network, and Conservation Action Plan. Specifically, RCN funds for this initiative will support (A) development and preliminary (pilot) implementation of quantitative monitoring protocols; (B) a shared reporting system for pooled data analysis; (C) targeted assessment of population response to common habitat management techniques in partnership with the Pollinators project of RCN 2.0; (D) regional status assessment based on analyses of pooled data; (E) spatially-explicit Conservation Area Network, and (F) spatially-explicit Conservation Action Plan.  Deliverables will include a monitoring protocol, status assessment, Conservation Area Network; Conservation Plan, Best Management Practices for common habitat management activities, and technical assistance communications materials.

Non-federal match will be provided by partners contracted through WMI and may include volunteer population assessments, reduced rates on contractual services, waived expenses, equipment and software costs, and technical assistance to key landowners. 

This page describes the GSAs that have been developed under Project 1 Job 2.  The progress reports and final reports for each GSA under Job 2 will be posted on this page.

GSA Information

GSA Number: GSA 00046 and 00046 Amend 4

GSA Title: Eastern Box Turtle Status Assessment, Conservation Plan and BMPs

GSA Contractor: The Mid-Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation

GSA Number: GSA 00047

GSA Title: Eastern Box Turtle Status Assessment Conservation Plan, and BMPs

GSA Contractor: Patrick Roberts