RCN 2.0

The Regional Conservation Needs (RCN) grant program was created as a mechanism to share expertise and funding by northeastern states to address landscape-scale issues, advance collaboration and likelihood of success, and result in more effective conservation of species. The first phase of the RCN program was developed in 2007, resulting in 47 funded regional conservation projects. The current phase, RCN 2.0, was developed in 2017; work is under way and the progress reports are available online.

RCN 2.0 has a new structure.  There are three Projects: Turtles, Pollinators and Technical Services. The objectives of the 2018 – 2022 Regional Conservation Needs grant are:

  • Stabilize or increase populations of five priority Regional Species of Greatest Conservation Need turtles.  These turtle species will be the focus of conservation actions:  Blanding’s, Eastern Box, Wood, Spotted Turtles, and Northern Diamondback Terrapins.
  • Restore and enhance habitats, with emphasis on early successional habitats, to benefit native pollinators.
  • Add new information to the Northeast Regional SWAP Database, to support ongoing collaborative work by states, the Service, and partners.

Each project has multiple jobs, and under each job are multiple General Service Agreements (GSAs) that are actively working. Information on each project and progress reports from active GSAs below can be found at RCNgrants.org


JOB I. Spotted Turtle Conservation

JOB II. Eastern Box Turtle Conservation Plan                                                                           

JOB III. Road Mitigation                                                                                                   

JOB IV. Wood & Blanding's Turtle Conservation                                                                      


PROJECT 2: POLLINATOR PROJECT                         

JOB I. Pollinator Monitoring Protocols                                        

JOB II. Vegetation Monitoring Protocols                                                                         

JOB III. Adaptive Habitat Management & BMPs                                                                       

JOB IV. Coordinate Project Team                                                                        


PROJECT 3: TECHNICAL SERVICES                                                  

JOB I. Technical Support and DB Management